A local father has insisted on adding the Test Match board game to his children’s home-schooling curriculum, arguing that the game teaches young people all they need to know about life. Mark Cameron has passionately insisted that regular play of the popular board game should be the cornerstone of any well-balanced education.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle, Cameron explained, “Test Cricket is a microcosm of life, and this board game is a microcosm of Test Cricket. Therefore, it’s the perfect way to teach kids some valuable life lessons. If Term 2 doesn’t start as expected after Easter, regular games of Test Match will feature heavily in the home-schooling curriculum. Trust me.”

Despite his passionate support of the board game, Cameron expressed a clear preference for the older version of the game. He said, “That new version allows the ball to bounce. It’s like batting on that MCG pitch when they had to abandon the game between Victoria and WA. It’s treacherous. I’m all for a decent contest between bat and ball, but that bouncing version of the game is too much. Life is tough, but not that tough.”