Filming scouts for a top-secret Tiger King sequel have reportedly been spotted scoping out the Cat Protection Society of Victoria in nearby Greensborough. A film industry insider has even contacted The Watsonia Bugle with an exclusive insight into the potential plot line of the follow up to Netflix’s latest hit documentary series.

The anonymous source claims that prominent cat lover Carole Baskin, a star of the original series, will uproot her cat conservation activities in Florida and move to the relative quiet of Greensborough for a more peaceful life away from the madness of middle America. Having seemingly survived a documented threat on her life from a bunch of big cat owners in the States, Baskin will presumably downsize her Big Cat Rescue organisation, and shift her focus to finding new homes for domestic cats.

The source claimed, “Yeah mate, all that crazy shit really took it out of Carole, so she wants a quieter life, and it doesn’t get much quieter than moving to Elder Street in Greensborough. She wasn’t happy about the way the first Tiger King was presented, so she’ll take more of a hands-on role in the way the sequel is put together.”

However, as we all hoped, there’s a twist in the tail, with the inside source also claiming that producers of the documentary are currently scouring the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne to find someone as wild, crazy and flamboyant as Joe Exotic, so they can have at least one protagonist for Baskin in the new series. The source said, “Well, the genre is true crime, so they can’t exactly just make a multi-episode show on Carole walking around in that oddly serene manner, with flowers in her hair, her unnerving thousand-yard stare, and just patting little kittens all day. The producers need some white trash to spice things up a bit. And in the Diamond Valley and surrounding areas, I think they’ve come to the right place.”