Legendary singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette is reportedly set to add an extra line to her hit song “Ironic”, and it’s got a distinctive Melbourne theme. Sources close to the performer say she’s keen to modernise the 90s song, and will use the irony of low petrol prices during a time of lockdown to illustrate her point.

With petrol prices in Melbourne dropping below one dollar per litre for the first time in recent memory, many locals feel tortured by the fact they can’t fully exploit the price drop. Our music industry source claims Morissette wants to immortalise that painful yearning in song.

The insider said, “Yeah mate, she’s real keen. Like a lot of people, lockdown has given her time to pause and reflect on her life. ‘Ironic’ really put her on the map in 1996, and now she’d like to give something back to her fans in their time of need. She reckons she hasn’t nailed down the exact lyric, but I’m led to believe it will be something like: ‘It’s like, petrol’s less than a dollar, but you’ve got nowhere to drive.’ If so, I reckon that will really resonate with her audience.”