A local dad says he’s so desperate for a decent family outing that he even misses going to the dinosaur park at Greensborough Plaza. Watsonia father Chris Jones has told The Watsonia Bugle that while he normally dislikes the social interactions at that indoor playground, he’d take anything right now.

In an exclusive interview, Jones said, “Mate, normally I hate that joint, but I actually miss it at the moment. The kids are doing me head in at home, and we ran out of fresh entertainment options over a week ago. I even miss exchanging sullen expressions with the other parents on the rare occasions we look up from our phones, except for the usual helicopter parents that shadow their child’s every move.”

While Jones conceded that he missed the dinosaur park at Greensy Plaza, he said it still hadn’t been added to the growing list of things his family will be doing when strict social distancing measures are eventually eased. He said, “The kids keep telling us things they want to do ‘when the virus is over’. You know, go on the slides at Watermarc, grab an ice cream from Dairy Bell, pat the goats at Edendale Farm. You know, the usual stuff. So I think we’ll be busy enough for a few months before we have to dangle the carrot of the old dino park in front of them. But when we do, I’ll pause for a brief moment to acknowledge this one time that I missed that place.”