Montmorency has usurped Watsonia to supposedly become Melbourne’s best suburb, after it ranked first in a recent ranking for the most “liveable affordable” postcode in our city. The result means Watsonia’s recent award for most popular suburb in Australia could be the shortest held title since England lost the Ashes in the summer of 2013/14.

While technically the latest result positions Montmorency for its elite combination of lifestyle and affordability, and doesn’t make it the most popular suburb in all of Australia, that’s not expected to stop smug Montmorencians from pointing their noses a little higher to the sky for the short-term future. One anonymous Watsonia resident said, “Watch them lap this up for a long while. They’re so mad keen on themselves, and this only fans the flames of that rampant back patting.”

The recent rankings, courtesy of People’s Choice Credit Union, weren’t all bad news for the beloved 3087, with Watsonia North placing fourth overall amongst Melbourne suburbs. That result caps a strong six months for those living north of Grimshaw Street, after being named the “coolest and bestest” Melbourne suburb in October last year, and the announcement in January that Watsonia North would experience Victoria’s biggest growth in median house prices this year.

However, what we think this latest result indicates is that there is a literal fuckton of suburb rankings lists released each year, and it’s very hard to keep up with them all.