Watsonia has risen to a podium finish in the annual “Most Popular Suburb in Australia” title, finishing an impressive third – marginally behind North Narrabeen and Oyster Bay (both in NSW). The result caps a solid couple of years for our suburb, after ranking well in a wide mix of suburb competitions, and affirms our status as the true jewel of the north.

The rankings, based on the average number of online views per listing on a leading real estate website, inadvertently position us as the most popular and undoubtedly coolest suburb in all of Victoria. The lofty position also helps ease some of the pain of not ranking in the “Top 10 Sexiest Suburbs” in the state, as there’s nothing more desirable than popularity, wealth and prosperity.

The No.3 ranking was a significant improvement on last year’s 34th position on the same list, and was thanks to recording a whopping 8,526 views per listing as opposed to 3,836 views the year before. What does this mean exactly? Well, nobody really knows, but you can take a guess and say that property in Watsonia has become highly sought after, presumably spurred on by the establishment of a Paris End in 2017, an opportunity to become Melbourne’s new street art hub, the possibility of our own McDonald’s family restaurant, and talk of a new series of hit Australian drama Blue Heelers being filmed right here in our backyard.

Long-time Watsonia resident Ken Price was particularly chuffed by the result, claiming it was fair reward for what he described as “The best bloody place to live in all of Australia”. Price also said, “Mate, Watsy is where it’s at. We’ve got everything you need. Wanna smack a few pots and punt on the ponies? Head to the Watsy RSL. Need a choice in baked goods? We’ve got two bakeries, mate, too easy. Feeling a bit crook? We’re flushed for pharmacies. It’s a well-known fact that you can’t walk more than 300 metres in Watsonia without bumping into a chemist. It’s brilliant!”