Iconic Australian series Blue Heelers is set for an explosive return to television screens, with industry insiders claiming that the reboot will be based and shot right here in Watsonia. While specific details surrounding the potential return and location switch remain closely guarded, inside sources have told The Watsonia Bugle that filming could commence as early as next year.

Earlier this year, we reported on the supposedly elevated crime levels in the greater Watsonia region, and it seems as though that suspicion and speculation was behind the big move from the show’s original setting in Mount Thomas. According to one industry insider, “It had long been understood that Mount Thomas was the unofficial crime capital of Victoria, with its quite staggering crime rate per capita. But those headlines about Watsy earlier this year inspired the dream makers at head office to bring Blue Heelers back and base it right here in Watsonia. Everyone’s really excited about it, and we think the combination of nostalgia in a modern suburban setting will make the show an absolute hit. To be honest, with online streaming these days, this reboot could genuinely expose Watsonia to a global audience.”

Despite keen anticipation for the new iteration of the legendary series, the inside source conceded that there would be some minor hurdles to cross before production can commence. They said, “For starters, you guys don’t actually have a pub. Let alone the homely social hub that was The Imperial, with Chris behind the bar pouring beers to your heart’s content. So we’ll probably have to build a new set for that, which could take time. Especially when we’ll have to build upstairs accommodation at the pub for any of the new young cops that come to town.”

And then there’s the minor point that Watsonia doesn’t even have a Police Station. The source said, “Oh mate, the original show was a work of fiction. You know that, yeah? So we can just build a set for the station somewhere. It’ll be okay. Just be patient. This will be huge for Watsonia and the surrounding area.”