A Greensborough man has spent much of today trying to work out if he has the common cold or just a bit of hayfever, after waking up this morning feeling a bit snotty. A regular sufferer of hayfever, Jonno Nelson has sneezed and sniffed his way through the day, constantly reassuring family and friends that “It’s just hayfever guys, don’t worry.”

However, despite these public reassurances, Nelson believes he may actually have the beginnings of a full blown cold – with a small chance that it will end up in a proper case of Man Flu. Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle late today, Nelson said, “It started off with the sniffles and I just dismissed it as hayfever. I mean, pollen counts are going through the roof at the moment. But the longer it stuck around, despite popping multiple hayfever tablets, the more I started to worry.”

Nelson said he’d sleep on it, and if things hadn’t improved in the morning he would place himself in quarantine, which would no doubt confuse his family and friends who were being told about hayfever all of today.