A local man has launched a bold awareness campaign to end the ongoing double line angst in Montmorency, claiming he can bring peace to Were Street once and for all. Patrick Henderson has told The Watsonia Bugle that his all-encompassing campaign will include an emotive short documentary, the sale of awareness wristbands, and multiple celebrity endorsements on social media.

The campaign, dubbed “Stop Monty”, will seemingly draw inspiration from the viral movement launched by American filmmaker Jason Russell in 2012 in an attempt to end the villainous reign of Ugandan militia leader Joseph Kony. However, Henderson claims that the double lane cause is far more important to society than the capture of Kony, claiming that, “Stopping people from crossing double lines to pinch prime parking spots on Were Street would be the true beginning of a better world. It would become the cornerstone of a broader movement to establish world peace.”

While Henderson remained tight-lipped about when the brave campaign would launch, he hopes it will be an early Christmas present for the good people of Montmorency. He said, “Ideally we will launch before the end of the year. I think the community is ready. This issue has divided us for too long now. If I can raise greater awareness, and really nail the final edit of my short documentary, I could bring order to Were Street by the end of this summer. Seriously. I could.”