The epic Watsonia mural, seen by thousands as they head to the train station for their morning commute, has reportedly pitched to become Melbourne’s new street art destination of choice after Hosier Lane was damaged over the weekend. The artwork, situated on the back wall of a respected local timber business, has been a mainstay on the Diamond Valley street art scene for many years now and, if it manages to become the new Hosier Lane, it will attract tourists and Instagram enthusiasts from all over the world.

A spokesperson from the group behind the bold pitch for the Watsonia mural said, “This is a huge opportunity for Watsonia to move up the list of popular attractions in Melbourne. It doesn’t look like they’ll be building that giant dimmie you guys are so keen on, so this could be our best chance to gain the attention of the world.

“The timber mural has long been terribly underrated but, in my opinion, it’s always been better than anything I’ve seen in the city’s laneways. The work in those laneways is a bit like New Year’s Eve if you ask me: a lot of hype around it, and Instagram-friendly, but once you’re actually there it’s kind of an anti-climax. I’d be telling tourists in Melbourne to hop on the Hurstbridge Line and head out to Watsy for their dose of street culture.”