The steaming pile of mulch near Kalparrin Lake has reportedly been nominated to become the official 8th natural wonder of the world. A local dog walker claims to have submitted the nomination, after witnessing the impressive steam rising from the mountainous pile each morning now that the weather has gotten colder.

Greensborough resident Karen McDonald said, “Yeah, I filled out a form for the mulch pile a couple of days ago. I haven’t heard back yet, but I reckon it’s a chance. That pile is quite the sight at the moment, especially on those frosty mornings. I love it.”

While McDonald conceded that the pile mulched green waste lacked the vastness and pure beauty of the more traditional nominations for this coveted title, she remains quietly confident of a positive result. She said, “Sure, it’s no grand canyon, but in times like these we need to look for beauty and awe in everyday things. And there’s nothing more everyday than a pile of tanbark tucked away in the corner of Greensborough. Plus, you can’t tell me that when the steam is really billowing out of that big mound that it doesn’t inspire awe. Seriously.”