A linguistics expert from a local university has revealed once and for all that people who say they are “pacifically speaking” aren’t actually talking about our largest bordering ocean. While some listeners would assume the person is referring to the Pacific Ocean and/or the islands found within it, Professor Victor Lansberg says the speaker is actually attempting to say the term “specifically speaking”.

While the reasons behind a person’s inability to say the words “specific” or “specifically” remain unclear, Professor Lansberg insists that as listeners we should try our absolute best to not laugh in a person’s face when they pronounce the terms incorrectly. He said, “As clearly superior beings, we should utilise our innate ability to interpret this anomaly in that person’s speech. We should also restrain ourselves from pointing out the error to that person, particularly if there is an audience involved. The shame response of such an action would have a specific impact on that person’s ability to socialise in the future.”