A local man has candidly revealed that he is now in the iso phase that necessitates a dash of Kahlua in his afternoon coffee. Timothy Lake made the confession late yesterday when his wife detected the slight scent of something on his breath as they crossed paths in the hallway while simultaneously attempting to balance full-time work, general parenting, and the primary school curriculum being followed by their two children.

Opening up to The Watsonia Bugle, Lake said, “It just takes a little edge of things, you know. By 3.30 in the arvo, the day is normally in a state of disarray. That little dash of Kahlua just soothes me, and gives me the strength to endure until bedtime. Don’t judge me.”

While Lake conceded that his drinking habits had become more prolific in lockdown, he insisted that the addition of Kahlua to his usual hit of caffeine was not cause for concern. He said, “C’mon, it’s no biggie is it? Consider it another of those working from home indulgences. Just like working in your PJ pants and not showering more than once every three days. These are all normal things. Trust me.”