A pair of local parents dressed up dinner on the couch last night by telling their kids they were being treated to a “picnic on the couch”. At the time of writing, it’s believed that none of the children had registered that it was just because mum and dad were tired and wanted to watch TV for a bit while they ate their dinner.

While the children were reportedly no strangers to the “picnic on the couch” concept, both parents claimed that it was good family bonding time, especially after a long day of juggling work commitments with home schooling and all living together in the one place 24/7. According to one of the parents, “Sometimes we just can’t be bothered sitting at the dinner table and listening to the kids’ table chat. We want to return to the pre-kids days when we ate dinner on the couch every night!”

On further investigation, it seems the kids are definitely none the wiser. When The Watsonia Bugle spoke to the eldest child, they said, “It was awesome, I got to sit on the couch and eat dinner like a big person. And we watched TV! Living the dream!”