A local footy player says he’s now turned his focus to planning for Mad Monday, following yesterday’s announcement that the 2020 Northern Football League has been cancelled. Dave Hamilton, half back flanker for the Watsonia Wombats, has spent the last 24 hours closely studying the current social distancing legislation to see how many of his teammates can join him for a well-earned blowout after a long and challenging season.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Hamilton said, “At the end of any long campaign, it’s important to get together and blow the top off a few frothies. Mad Monday is often the main reason a lot of my teammates actually play each year. It’s the highlight of their social calendar. An annual chance to get in one room together with your mates and have a bit of fun.”

While Hamilton expressed some disappointment about the lost season effectively undoing all his hard work over the summer, he remained committed to salvaging something from the mess. He said, “I was watching Braveheart last night to console myself after the news. And something that William Wallace said really resonated with me. They may take our season, but they’ll never take… our Mad Monday.”

Despite a pressing enthusiasm to organise the event for this weekend, Hamilton is currently wrestling with the conundrum of whether to rush it through and host 10 people at his house, or wait for the easing of restrictions so the whole team can hold the event at a public venue. He said, “There are pros and cons for both scenarios. This weekend means I can limit it to just the blokes I like. Plus it would be this weekend. But waiting means we can make it a bit bigger, and potentially make arses of ourselves in front of complete strangers. So that’s cool too.”