An exclusive report has found that, over the last two months, the Watsonia Train Station car park has provided adequate service to the community for first time in decades. The report, compiled by a public transport commuters association, concluded that the months of April and March consistently provided amble car parking for local commuters at a rate not seen in Watsonia since 1987.

The usually over-crowded parking lot has been oddly deserted since early April, with investigations yet to identify the exact reason why patronage has dropped so rapidly. Rather than dwell on that issue, the remaining commuters have chosen to focus on the positives – e.g. getting a park within 700 metres of the train station after 7.00am between Monday and Friday.

A spokesperson from the commuters association said, “It’s been over 30 years since the parking situation at Watsonia Station has been this efficient. Here’s hoping that it continues well into the future.”

Initial investigations hinted at an increase in seating on the trains themselves during the same period, but that matter has been earmarked for further study and a report to be released at a later date.