The sport of tennis is enjoying an unseasonal renaissance, as it’s one of few recreational options for people adhering to current social distancing measures. Industry insiders claim the spike in tennis court use in the last fortnight equals or exceeds the players numbers seen in that one week in January when everyone has a hit.

President of the Watsonia Walruses Tennis Club, Mark Tantolin, told The Watsonia Bugle that his club had been inundated with requests for court time. He said, “We’ve had so many requests, it’s crazy. We plan for that big week or two in January when the Aus Open gets everyone inspired, but we had no real way of predicting this one. The courts have never been busier.”

Belying the usual rush to move indoors for physical activity during the colder months, tennis is now expected to enjoy a busy winter, as people desperately seek opportunities to get out of the house. According to Tantolin, “It’s early days yet, but we might be able to add a second level to our clubhouse if these numbers continue. It might even rival that new clubhouse at Binnak Park. It’s very exciting.”