In a similar fashion to the well-publicised division over which colour a certain dress was, Australian residents are reportedly still divided over which fruit or vegetable is featured on the widely used Woolworths logo. According to the online forum “Supermarket specials and other stuff”, a rift has formed amongst shoppers as the debate whether the image is meant to represent an apple or a pumpkin.

Self-proclaimed “Team Apple” are basing the majority of their argument around the existence of what they say is “clearly a leaf sprouting out the top of the apple”. And they also say that as an apple is a much more common fruit it makes sense that the supermarket chain would choose it for its logo. Team Apple leader Fiona McInnes said, “The only mystery about that logo is what kind of apple it is. You know, Granny Smith, Royal Gala, Pink Lady, Red Delicious? But it aint no pumpkin.”

Meanwhile, “Team Pumpkin” tsar Kenneth Matthews said, “That’s a pumpkin alright. There’s nothing surer. Look at the width of it. I wouldn’t be eating an apple that looks like that. I wouldn’t be able to fit me mouth around it.”

Frustratingly, Woolworths have so far refused to provide any clarification of the identity, presumably happy to get a bit of traction on the popular grocery shopping forum. Instead of ending the debate here and now, they’ve remained deliberately ambiguous, as the debate continues to rage across the country.