A local Savers store has received the ultimate DIY iso paint job. Painters were spotted at the Greensborough Savers store last week, but the job remains half-finished, presumably waiting for the next time the owners feel bored enough to get the brushes out again.

While the colour scheme seems to be attempting to replicate the sleek job done on Greensborough Plaza in recent times, it currently looks decidedly half-arsed. According to one passerby, who requested strict anonymity, “It looks bloody terrible. Like one of my grandchildren did it. It’s all over the place.”

Another local, Greensborough man Callum Wallace, was more surprised attempts would be made to beautify a building that was allegedly going to be pulled down. He said, “I thought that joint was getting knocked down and turned into apartments? Does this mean a community page on Facebook has lied to me? Full devo, mate.”