A rural man claims he is haunted by his former resemblance to Happy Gilmore’s pre-pubescent caddy, revealing to The Watsonia Bugle that the archival images have unwittingly become a damaging part of his digital footprint. Traralgon resident Joel Dinsdale made the stark admission during a tell-all interview in which he also discussed his disappointment at failing to be voted the most popular member of his family.

Addressing the striking resemblance with Mr Gilmore’s caddy from the Waterbury Open, Dinsdale said, “They were different times. Believe it or not, that kind of hair was actually cool for a little while. I was on-trend. Seriously.”

Despite his insistence that he was once on-trend, Dinsdale said the images from his youth regularly come back to bite him. He said, “It just seems to pop up at the most unlikely times. Popping down the street to grab a 10-pack of ciders, and the guy at the bottleo will say ‘Oi, are you that bloke that caddied for Happy Gilmore in the early stages of his golfing career?’ I mean, what do you reply to that?”