A local man says he has been using his smartphone less in recent months for what many are describing as a very odd reason. Dan Pollard has told The Watsonia Bugle that the cold winter months have impacted his morning phone use as he doesn’t like his arms getting cold when he rolls over in the morning and catches up on world news and events.

In an exclusive interview, Pollard said, “Yeah mate, since about late May I’m not really scrolling through me newsfeed as much as normal. Usually I can lie in bed for 15-20 minutes flicking through social media and basically avoiding the harsh reality that I have to get out of bed to get breakfast for the kids. But it’s so fresh first thing in the morning that I just can’t handle to cold air on me arms and wrists.”

When quizzed on whether he’d tried any other positions other than lying on his back, Pollard said, “Yeah I’ve trialled a few others, but none are as good as flat on your back. The old side on is pretty good cos you stay warmer but it’s a strain on the eyes and you can really only hold your phone with one hand, so that’s a bit tough.”