A delusional local man has bought what a golf pro has said about the supposed potential in his swing. Neville O’Donnell attended a good lesson last weekend after finally cashing in a voucher he got for Christmas.

During the lesson at a local driving range, O’Donnell claims the pro complimented his natural swing so heavily that he is now committed to improving his game during the lockdown. O’Donnell said, “Yeah mate, for real, he was all over me. Kept saying how all the elements were already there, it just needed some minor refinements. He even described me as athletic. Reckons I could consistently hit under 80s every round. After a few lessons, of course. So I might give it a go!”

However, one of O’Donnell’s mates, and regular golfing companions, contacted The Watsonia Bugle to provide a bit of balance on the anecdotal evidence presented by his friend. Gary Miller said, “Athletic? Nev? Haha, no way mate. Did you tell him to never accept those kind of compliments from someone who will gain financially from your further custom? Like when your hairdresser says you’d look good as a blonde. Don’t believe them!”