A local game of Monopoly has remarkably come to a logical and amicable conclusion, with all participants reportedly leaving the game pleased that they had taken part. And, in what is believed to be the first case of its kind, some of the people who competed against each other even showed some interest in playing a second game.

One player from the game, surprisingly not the winner, contacted The Watsonia Bugle to share their experience of the odd phenomenon. Dana Young said, “It was all very strange, really. I mean, usually the game reaches its natural conclusion when someone angrily tips the board up and all the playing pieces going flying across the room. I guess it was nice for a change, but a big part of me kind of likes the drama of a really divisive game of Monopoly with the family.”

With the colder weather coinciding with Lockdown 2.0, Watsonia is currently working its way through peak Board Game Season, a time when local families retreat to the warmth of their lounge rooms and, quite simply, refuse to go outside unless it is absolutely necessary. And while many would assume that significant technological advances would have ushered out traditional board games, Monopoly is reportedly enjoying something of a renaissance at the moment. Young said, “Oh yeah, it’s kind of retro and cool, I guess. The human interaction is a bit stunted at first, but people generally come around. It’s good.”