A local man’s valiant attempt to verbally explain an amusing meme has fallen a little flat, in a classic case of “you had to be there”. Despite the availability of the screen-sharing function on Zoom, Marcus Plunkett regaled his mates with a spoken description of an amusing COVID meme during a group chat last night.

However, Plunkett’s raucous laughter after completing the story echoed into the airwaves, as his mates just blankly stared at their computer screens – secretly contemplating why they were even mates with him in the first place. Reflecting on the experience afterwards, Plunkett told The Watsonia Bugle, “I don’t know what happened. Maybe it was more of a visual gag. I mean, memes are a visual medium.”

When asked why he hadn’t used the screen-sharing function, Plunkett said, “You can do that? Bullshit. Mate, you could’ve told me that earlier. Would’ve saved me a whole lot of embarrassment. Far out, what a disaster.”