A local sloth claims he has cut out the middle man by just eating Chicken Nugget flavoured chips instead of eating the real thing. Darren Thompson has described the culinary switch as “an absolute game-changer”, challenging fellow foodies to provide a more pure example of an innovative life hack.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Thompson said, “Sometimes preheating the oven, putting the nuggets on a tray, cooking them for 20-25 minutes, and then squirting them with sauce is a bit too much effort. It’s actually exhausting. Whereas these new potato chips are much more accessible. They take all the effort out of preparing nuggets.”

When asked whether heating frozen chicken in an oven was really that much effort, Thompson turned defensive. He said, “I don’t have to justify my actions to some ridiculous newspaper. You don’t know my reality. You don’t know what I’ve been through.”