A local man currently working from home says he really misses the office Dishes Fairy, claiming it’s the main thing he’s looking forward to when he returns to working from a communal location later this year – or whenever that might be possible. Brendan Jensen made the comments on speaker phone while he was wrist-deep in his third lot of dishes for the day, conceding some minor regret that he may have taken advantage of some of his more accommodating co-workers when they used to share a kitchen from Monday to Friday.

In a wide-ranging confessional interview, Jensen said he now understood how leaving his coffee mug “just rinsing” in the office kitchen sink would’ve frustrated some of his colleagues, and he was truly sorry. He said, “Haha, back in the pre-COVID days, I used to just laugh at the passive aggressive signs in the kitchen, occasionally scrawl crude remarks on them, and then just continue leaving half empty mugs in the sink every day of the week. Now that I’m solely responsible for cleaning my kitchen at the end of every work day, I have a better understanding of just how much mess I was leaving in the office kitchen.”

While Jensen insisted that this year’s working from home experience would improve his cleanliness in the office kitchen when he eventually returns, he did admit that he might take full advantage of the situation for the first week or so. He said, “Long-term I’ll be better. But just for that first week or so I’m going to take full advantage of being able to anonymously leave dirty dishes in the sink. I figure that whoever the Dishes Fairy is they’ll be equally happy to be out of the house for work again, and won’t start laminating passive aggressive signs until maybe the third or fourth week. So, I should be sweet for a little bit.”