A local man has felt a rumbling in his loins for the annual jump onto the Melbourne Storm bandwagon, spending most of this morning brushing up on his rugby league knowledge. Self-diagnosed “lover of all sports” Kelvin O’Donnell said the Storm’s irrepressible ability to make the NRL Grand Final each year meant he didn’t have to pay too much attention to the regular season.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle, O’Donnell said, “They made the grannie again did they? Yeah, I’m on. I love the Storm, mate. Cam Smith. Billy Slater. Glenn Lazarus. Legends. I’ve been following them since the very beginning. Rugby’s actually alright. Real hard and physical.”

Despite his pledge of allegiance, O’Donnell still seemed to require a little more research before the Storm’s big game this Sunday against the Panthers of Penrith. During our interview, O’Donnell asked, “How many tackles are they allowed in a play before they have to kick it? Haha, I can never remember. But seriously, is it five or six?”

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