A proposal to implement one-way traffic on Were Street is threatening to flatten the beloved vibe that exists on Montmorency’s main street. The plan, which is currently still in the draft stage, has upset locals so much that a group of disgruntled residents are reportedly in talks with “As Seen On TV” solicitor Dennis Denuto to challenge the concept.

A source close to Denuto said the Montmorency group was particularly impressed with the well-known legal practitioner’s innate understanding of “vibe-based law”, and is hoping he’ll have the courtroom smarts to block the plan to turn the popular thoroughfare into a one-way street. Specifically how the one-way traffic flow would impact on the intangible “Were Street vibe” remains unclear, but Denuto’s ability to articulate vibe-related matters in a legal setting is expected to strengthen the passionate case.

The official council proposal for the Were Street development states that the aim is to to improve traffic flow along Were Street while still maintaining the treasured “village feel”. But some cynics suggest the it’s just a solution to the ongoing problem of people crossing double lines on the main street to pinch valuable parking spots.

More to come.