Luke Darcy has reportedly started attending night school in a last-ditched attempt to learn true meaning of the word “extraordinary”. The long overdue remedial work was allegedly ordered by producers at Channel 7, who’d finally noticed that the well-known commentator has been misusing the word on national television for over a decade.

Darcy’s penchant for using the word to describe a wide variety of occurrences had caught the attention of viewers in recent years, prompting a flurry of mail being sent to Channel 7 HQ this season. One letter said, “Does this guy have access to a dictionary? At the end of the day, most things that happen in a game of footy are fairly predictable. So, unless a piglet with the word ‘Plugga’ painted on it is released onto the field of play, I don’t think that Luke Darcy fellow should say it’s ‘extraordinary’.”

The influx of feedback forced management to send Darcy back to school, which apparently the former Western Bulldogs ruckman didn’t take too well.

However, reports from within the educational institution he is now enrolled at indicate Darcy has applied himself well to the early lessons. An anonymous source told The Watsonia Bugle, “He seemed genuinely surprised when the teacher read the full definition. Old habits die hard, so he’s still using it in sentences a fair bit, but hopefully by next season he can stop annoying the living shit out of people listening to him butcher the English language.”