A local man says the dual naming of the new Parma Shapes “just encourages morons from the north”, and is yet another example of how Victoria is losing its social capital when dealing with the rest of the nation. Lucas Pollard noticed the two names on the box yesterday when sampling the new flavour, with “Parma” appearing on one side, and “Parmi” on the other.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about the obvious discrepancy, Pollard said, “Prior to this second wave of COVID, we had some influence in this country. Now we’re just the laughing stock of Australia. We can’t flex that muscle any more, and I hate that. So this ‘Parmi’ nonsense just encourages morons from the north, insisting that the great Australian dish is called a ‘parmi’. It’s absurd.”

Pollard also accused Arnott’s of fence-sitting when they created the dual naming on the box. He said, “No doubt it was just a publicity stunt, like that ridiculous ‘New Shapes’ fiasco they orchestrated a few years ago. But it’s just them taking the soft option. They should’ve done the right thing, named the flavour correctly, and let the dimwitted ‘Parmi’ callers bicker among themselves as they enjoy being closer to ‘COVID normal’ than we’ll be for months. Victorians needed a win, but Arnott’s denied us of that opportunity. For that, I’ll never forgive them.”