Self-proclaimed “foodie” Dave Price has combined two individually wonderful food items into one compact meal, blowing numerous minds in the process. Price, a Watsonia resident, has put BBQ Shapes in a cheese toastie to see if the combined powers of these two snacks could create a super taste. 

According to Price, “I really like to push boundaries with my creations, and this was the perfect example. I mean, why not combine these two popular items into one super food that could change the way we eat for decades to come?” 

But what did the finished product actually taste like? In another The Watsonia Bugle exclusive, Price said, “it was a total disaster. It actually tasted like a mouthful of sand. It was just so dry, I couldn’t believe it. No amount of fluid could remove the dryness in my mouth. How could two such wonderful foods be so terribly nasty when put together?”