A Watsonia North man has controversially claimed that he’ll base his entire local council vote on the most frontyard signs he sees. Dave Jenkins made the bold decision late last week, and has begun keeping a rough metal tally of the different candidates whenever he’s out walking or driving in his local area.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle, Jenkins said, “Yeah mate, I can’t be bothered doing any of me own research, and I won’t have the people jamming pamphlets into my face like normal on polling day, so I’m just gunna go purely on which candidate could convince the most people to put a sign up. It’s a numbers game. Pure and simple.”

While most people have criticised the approach taken by Jenkins, local political analyst Graeme Klondike claims there could be method in the madness. Klondike said, “It might not be as mindless as it first seems. Technically, for each sign you see in a front yard, that politician – or one of their reps – has had to negotiate with the homeowner to erect the sign on their property. So they’re either very persuasive, or very popular. It’s a common political strategy. How else do you think Cameron Ling won two ‘Sexiest Man in the AFL’ titles? He campaigned hard, and people voted for him.”