A new viewing platform has been built at Kalparrin Lake so locals can get a better view of the native humpback whale that was first spotted back in April. As reported by The Watsonia Bugle earlier this year, the lockdown-prompted rejuvenation of our planet had led to seemingly implausible sightings of a native humpback frolicking in Greensborough’s most pristine waterway.

At the time, local conservationist Darren Hamlet said he was unexpectedly splashed by a giant humpback whale breaching the calm waters of Kalparrin Lake. The unusual incident eventually prompted Hamlet to apologise to his father, who had long told stories to his son about seeing humpbacks swimming at Kalparrin back in the day.

Local council reportedly moved quickly to capitalise on the potential tourism bonanza, fast-tracking budget allocation for an impressive new boardwalk alongside the lake, offering users unencumbered views of one of nature’s most curious quirks. While Melbourne’s ongoing battle with COVID-19 slowed works during the winter, the boardwalk is now complete, and enjoyed a busy opening weekend. One local resident exclaimed, “I’ve never seen that many people at Kalparrin Gardens in my life. And I’ve lived here for over 35 years. It was incredible. I mean, I know we can’t go further than five kilometres from our front doors, but I never expected that lake to become the hottest ticket in town.

Unfortunately for the numerous visitors over the weekend, no confirmed sightings of the native humpback were reported – the elusive beast presumably uncomfortable with the increased attention. The large aquatic mammal’s reticence forced us to use our well-regarded Photoshop skills for the above image, as many locals continue to strive to capture the first image of the humpback since the opening of the new viewing platform.

Have you seen the humpback at Kalparrin? If so, please send us your images.