An overflowing bin at a local park was spotted this morning waiting patiently to be complained about on social media. The bin, seen near the large playground at Binnak Park, is currently at capacity, and also has multiple bags of rubbish resting against it, as well as a box of empty Vodka Cruisers that have spilled out onto the ground.

The otherwise unassuming garbage receptacle seemed unphased by the unfortunate situation, accepting its current state as an unavoidable by-product of our local community’s current enthusiasm to get out of the house and socialise with human beings they are not related to. However, the situation is expected to reach fever pitch sooner rather than later, when an image of the bin is inevitably posted on social media for people to pass judgement over and broadly speculate.

In fact, one local betting agency has framed a market for who will receive the most scorn for the eyesore. At time of writing, the hottest favourites were Crusier-loving youths capitalising on daylight saving time, the aforementioned people enjoying seeing their friends in the great outdoors, and the local council for not emptying the bins quickly enough. They also offered an exotic bet for the number of times social media users will suggest that whoever it was should “just take their rubbish home with them”.

Please gamble responsibly.