A couple of those crazy inflatable arm dudes have appeared outside the Collingwood Football Club’s headquarters this morning, as the Magpies increase their efforts to clear some stock during the current AFL trade period. Reportedly suffering extreme salary cap pressure, the Magpies have made headlines in the recent weeks for some alleged attempts to move on certain players that are contracted to earn top dollar in the near future.

Among the high-profile names floated for potential trades have been best-22 regulars Adam Treloar, Jaidyn Stephenson, and Tom Phillips, as well as American import Mason Cox. Despite Collingwood’s apparent enthusiasm to ease some salary cap pressure by moving one or more of these players, official trades are yet to be confirmed with other clubs.

And with tomorrow night’s trade deadline looming, Collingwood presumably felt it was time to up the visibility of their current sale, with the crazy inflatable arm dudes expected to combine with the Magpies’ willingness to pay part of these players’ salaries even if they’re playing for other clubs from next year. The Magpies hierarchy have remained silent over the new installations at their head office this morning, but we are continuing to place calls with them for comment about their bold promotional campaign.