A local man’s newfound passion for golf has allegedly placed him on the cusp of joining the pro tour. Simon O’Connell says the improvements made to his golfing skills during this year’s lockdown, combined with his natural athleticism, have resulted in significant advancements in his previously mediocre golf game.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, O’Connell revealed details of the intense daily routine he adopted during the worst of Melbourne’s strict lockdown, with the fruits of that labour clearly on show since golf courses reopened a couple of weeks ago. He said, “Well, you see, I was working from home, so all the time I saved from not commuting to the big smoke, plus being home for my lunch breaks, meant I was able to clock an hour or two each day working on my swing and my short game. I’ve also been following that Rick Shiels bloke on Facey, I’ve learnt some good stuff. It’s actually all been pretty amazing. I mean, I’m good at just about any sport I turn my attention to, but the improvements in my game over just the last few months have shocked even me.”

O’Connell is so pleased with himself that he genuinely believes that if the improvements in his game continue on their current trajectory, he could turn pro by the end of next year. He said, “At this rate, I could probably get my handicap down to single figures by the end of summer, which means I still have a few months to get down from there to scratch around this time next year. Don’t laugh, I’m serious.”