Bruce Springsteen has reportedly stopped looking for real estate in Watsonia after Trump’s loss in the presidential election. Springsteen had famously stated that he would move to live in Australia if Trump was successful in gaining a second term, but has now been able to shelve those plans after Joe Biden was announced the winner over the weekend.

Springsteen had been in contact with a number of local real estate agents in the last month or so, as he dipped his toe in the water of Melbourne’s lukewarm housing market. Watsonia came onto his radar after he learnt of Taylor Swift’s alleged holiday here back in 2018. Springsteen was also impressed by our suburb’s reputation of being the “Gateway to the World”, and our relatively close proximity to his home away from home: Hanging Rock.

One anonymous real estate who had been in touch with the famous rocker said, “Yeah mate, he sounded pretty keen on Watsy to be honest. Huge upside really. And when he Googled the travel time to Hanging Rock he was really excited. He could probably hold a gig there once a month and that would be enough to cover the mortgage repayments on a nice little four-bedroom house in Watsonia North.”

However, now that Trump’s loss has been seemingly confirmed, sources close to Springsteen say he’ll be staying Stateside for the time being. They said, “Those relocation plans are on hold for now. Bruce will be staying in the US, but hasn’t ruled out buying a nice little weekender down there at some point.”