A major Greensborough arterial has been accused of “supreme arrogance”, based purely on its unique name. The Circuit runs around the perimeter of the interminable Greensborough Plaza, acting as a mini bypass of the Main Street in our neighbouring suburb.

While the road is responsible for ferrying thousands of cars through Greensborough each day, one disgruntled Watsonia man claims the thoroughfare’s name is a bit much. Dwayne Cummings contacted The Watsonia Bugle this week to express his disgust at the naming of the road, saying “The Circuit? That’s a bit presumptuous isn’t it? I mean, surely there are other circuits in Melbourne. What makes this one so special that it thinks it can claim to be THE Circuit?”

Cummings also said, “The name just reeks of supreme arrogance, when really there’s nothing to be arrogant about. It’s a bloody joke.”

A brief search of Google Maps reveals at least three other “The Circuits” in suburban Melbourne alone, but each of them appear to be minor residential streets, not multi-lane avenues like Greensborough’s version. However, Cummings was still unimpressed by that fact. He said, “Whoopdi do, mate. Whoopdi bloody do. I couldn’t give a rat’s. They should rename it. And they should rename it soon.”