A keen international cricket fan is pretty happy about working from home today, after spending much of 2020 moaning about being stuck inside of his house for most of the day. Neil Cullinan’s sudden about-face seems to directly correlate with the commencement of the First Test between Australia and India, and the fact he’s moved from the study in his house to couch, where he’ll “work” on his laptop during the opening session of the match.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle from his couch, Cullinan said, “Oh mate, this is the best. The big screen is going, it’s hot outside, air con is cranking inside, the Aussies are about to have a crack with the ball, and I might even crack a couple of beers this arvo while answering the occasional email. It’s an early Christmas present, that’s for sure.”

However, today’s positive outlook on life is at direct odds with the narrative Cullinan has been running with for most of the year. An anonymous friend said, “Gee, he’s changed his tune. All we’ve heard from him all year is how much he feels like a prisoner in his own home, spends up to 16 hours a day in the one room of his house, the kids are doing his head in, and COVID is just another strain of the flu. Watch him now, he’ll be angling to stay away from the office until February or something. The bloke’s a cricket nuffy, what a joke.”