A local DHS employee has privately confirmed that welfare enquiries would definitely have been made into the McCallister family after the second abandonment of their youngest son Kevin. Popularised in the Home Alone movie series, young Kevin was “lost” by his parents on two separate occasions, placing him in multiple perilous situations.

While the movie series attempted to highlight the humorous aspects of this abandonment, leaving a child unsupervised for such a long period of time, twice, is no laughing matter. Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, an anonymous DHS employee has confirmed that if the McCallisters lived in Australia, they would’ve faced an “in-depth enquiry” into how they could so spectacularly misplace their child on two separate occasions.

The insider said, “I mean, the first one was odd, but kind of understandable. I mean, the power went out during the night, and it was quite a frantic effort to get everyone into those vans and arrive at the airport on time. I still openly question how and why not one family member thought of Kevin until champagne was being served in the plane and seatbelt light had gone off, but being a parent is very stressful. We all make mistakes.”

However, the insider drew the line at the second instance of misplacement, when Kevin accidentally boarded a flight to New York while the rest of the family jetted off to Miami. They said, “After going through as traumatic experience as that first time, I find it hard to believe that the second case was an accident. And both parties are responsible. Kevin should’ve been sticking closer to his parents, and his parents should’ve been watching him like a hawk. Serious questions need to be asked. Is Kevin trying to escape? Do his parents really care about him? These are the kinds of things I’d need to know.”