A local man seen wearing a Patagonia t-shirt at Greensborough Plaza seems real keen to tell people about all the adventures he’s been on lately. Ben Hamilton claims he’s a living embodiment of the outdoor brand’s adventurous ethos, regularly heading off the beaten track to immerse himself in nature.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle just out the front of Kmart, Hamilton said, “Yeah man, I live for adventure. I’m all about that wanderlust and that, haha. Like, I’ll often take a walk along the Plenty River Trail. It’s pretty wild down there, you know. And, this one time, I caught the train all the way into the city and had a few beers at Transport Bar in Fed Square. That was pretty sick. Just along the water.”

Asked whether the t-shirt had ever been worn more than 30 kilometres away from Melbourne’s CBD, Hamilton immediately became defensive, then blamed COVID restrictions for his lack of travel in the last 12 months. He said, “Bloody COVID mate, you know. Normally I’m travelling all over the place, but it’s really put a clamp on my plans. The world’s changed.”