Watsonia has been overlooked in the recent announcement of upgrades for two nearby train stations that share the Hurstbridge Line, allegedly because “you can’t improve on perfection”. A government insider made the unexpected revelation yesterday when contacted by The Watsonia Bugle for comment, insisting that the retro vibe of our current train station was the envy of suburbs all across Melbourne’s train network.

It was announced yesterday that both Greensborough and Montmorency stations will receive major upgrades as part of the upcoming duplication of the Hurstbridge Line, but Watsonia will remain unchanged for now.

While we are expected to get a fully sick multi-million dollar new town square, the train station snub is being viewed by some local commuters as punishment for having it too good for too long. Which kind of makes sense when you consider we already have a car park that was once nominated to become the 8th wonder of the world, a growing reputation as a global arts exhibition space, and are an undeniable “Gateway to the World”.

The Watsonia Bugle was on the scene at Watsonia Station this morning to canvas local commuters, and it seems not all the regulars were unhappy about the news. One such local, Melanie Stewart, gave a passionate defence of the current station. She said, “I’m glad it’s not changing. We don’t need any fancy bells and whistles. With a bit of luck, all those out-of-towners that travel from surrounding suburbs to get into our enormous car park will now head to Greensy instead because it’ll be all shiny and new. Besides, I kind of like the design the way it is now, why change?”