Mystery surrounds exactly what Watsonia’s multi-million dollar “Town Square” will look like, after flyers circulated this week spruiking the new project. A total of $5.5 million will be committed to “public space upgrades and a new town square”, prompting locals to start day-dreaming about what could be built in our suburb’s thriving CBD.

Rumours and suggestions have been swirling around social media this week, with multiple theories already in play, and more expected to be added in the coming days. While the specific location is hard to confirm based on the oddly-scaled map (seen below), smart money seems to be on the current car park near the library, where local residents would be able to fully embrace the ambience of standing underneath the giant powerlines.

Call us biased, but we kind of always had that location earmarked for our ambitious plan to have a giant dim sim installed in the heart of our suburb.

But, you know, maybe an oversized delicacy will be part of the plans, and with $5.5 million to spend money should not be an issue. In fact, if NEL are really keen to win over local residents, surely the funding of our giant dim sim would be just the ticket for universal acceptance by Watsonia residents. We’ll even offer to paint the soy sauce detailing on ourselves.

What do you think the future Watsonia “Town Square” will entail? Do you have an inside source? Contact us and let us know. We’d love to hear about it.