A local footy fan claims he struggles to take Jordan Lewis’ commentary seriously due to the four-time premiership player’s absurd appearance in a car yard advertisement that aired in regional Victoria in the late-2000s. While that is potentially the most ridiculous sentence we’ve ever published, Hamish Lannister insists it’s true, saying he’s possibly responsible for up to 40% of the views the YouTube clip of the ad has received.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Lannister said, “He’s positioning himself as some kind of quasi-intellectual with those glasses and the hipster clothes, but I can’t see past that country bogan trying to promote a Warrnambool car yard. I mean, have you seen the footage? That’s the real Jordan Lewis if you ask me. Not that bloke hypothesising about abstract concepts on the TV. That’s a facade.”

Lannister, coincidentally an Essendon supporter, also accused Lewis of being part of the league-wide conspiracy against the Bombers. Lannister said, “He absolutely hates the Bombers. Seriously. He does. All that ‘line in the sand’ garbage has obviously stayed with him. That many commentators hate the Bombers. Lewis, Kingy, Browny, Robert Walls, all of them.”