Local cricket has grown increasingly confident about its ability to comply with the suspected COVID-induced crowd ban. According to long-time local cricket scenesters, large attendances at games have never been an issue, and local clubs are confident that their fans will be understanding of the potential crowd ban for the upcoming 2020/21 season.

According to one long-time local cricketer, “Mate, the crowd ban will be no problem at all. The best crowd we generally pull is a random passerby and his dog, and that’s on a good day. The last thing we need to do is discourage people from attending our matches.”

Meanwhile, the few dedicated local cricket spectators are currently exploring ways around the ban. One fan, who requested strict anonymity to protect his identity, said he was currently sounding out homeowners that backed onto local cricket grounds. He said, “Most of the grounds around here have walking paths around the boundary, so at this point I could walk around them for my allocated two hours of exercise. Then, with the grounds that have houses backing onto them, I’ll try to strike deals with the owners to let me perch on their back deck or any windows that overlook the ground. Just like at The Oval in London. Haha.”