A mysterious metal monolith has appeared in a local car park, following a similar discovery in rural Utah earlier this week. The large object, which kind of looks like a tall and skinny fridge, was spotted by commuters early this morning, neatly installed on a small traffic island in the train station car park just off Watsonia Road.

The strange object has confused both local authorities and casual observers, with many pondering whether these two instances are somehow connected. Local dog walker Darren Graham said, “It’s a real head-scratcher isn’t it? Who knows what it could be? And why Utah and Watsonia? There’s no connection between those two places if you ask me.”

Graham then started to openly hypothesise about the unexpected development. He said, “Maybe it’s got something to do with that fancy new town square they’re going to build? Could it be part of the shiny foundations for the giant dimmie? I bloody well hope so.”

Other theories include the latest instalment in Watsonia’s thriving street art scene, or just a high-end marketing campaign for those expensive fridges – you know, the ones that are stainless steel instead of white, and have a water fountain and ice machine in them – which is kind of plausible due to the location being so close to Watsonia’s celebrated Paris End.

Authorities continued to investigate the matter throughout the day, with grave concerns held for how the peak hour traffic would deal with the potentially blinding reflection of the setting sun.

More to come.