Look, to be honest, there’s not much more to this story than us just really wanting to write that headline. But if you really want to know, apparently Aussie tennis player Thanasi Kokkinakis has been wearing a “$6 Kmart special” plain black t-shirt while playing at the current Australian Open.

After a lean couple of years on the international circuit due to injury and illness, Kokkinakis found himself without a sponsor for the beginning of the first major of 2021. So, he did what many a self-diagnosed battler and/or savvy shopper has done over the years: he headed to his local Kmart and loaded up on their untagged activewear range.

While Kmart are yet to speak publicly about the free advertising, one source close to the large chain store suggested that they were considering offering Kokkinakis an endorsement deal. The anonymous insider said, “It just makes sense, really. I mean, Thanasi is obviously a fan of our range, so the alignment is too good to refuse. We’re not exactly sure what we could do, but maybe we could rename our stores ‘Kokkinakismart’ for a weekend or something, I don’t know.”