A 37-year-old Watsonia man has been left feeling very old today after news of Happy Gilmore’s 25th anniversary did the rounds on social media. The Internet basically belonged to Adam Sandler today, after a video of him hitting a golf ball Gilmore-style went viral across multiple platforms, and then received further momentum when co-stars Ben Stiller and Christopher McDonald responded to Sandler’s initial Tweet.

While that was all fun and games, and provided a nice trip down memory lane for fans of the greatest movie of all time, Watsonia resident Patrick Hughes said the initial warm and fuzzies were squashed by the harsh reality of his own advancing years on the planet. Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about the confronting realisation, Hughes said, “Mate, I was just like the rest of you when I first saw the footage. I was laughing the hooting. I even texted me wife and said we should watch it on Netflix tonight to celebrate the occasion. But then, as the day rolled on, I started to contemplate what I’d done in the 25 years since I was a bright, young, laughing kid with the world in front of me. It was pretty confronting, man.”

However, the unwanted reminder of the swift passage of time did not quell Hughes’ love for the cinematic masterpiece. He said, “It’s still the best movie of all time, mate. Fucking classic. Bob Barker, haha, the price is wrong… bitch! I love it.”