A nearby local council has been widely criticised for still having Christmas decorations up in their municipality during mid-February. The odd oversight has attracted increased scorn in recent weeks, as we approach the landmark of two full months passing since Christmas Day last year.

The decorations, which consist of neatly tied red bows around a selection of trees near the big roundabout at the end of Fitzsimons Lane in Eltham, have been in place for quite a long time now, and locals claim they are fed up with the lack of removal stretching well into 2021. While leaving decorations up on a private property is fairly common, local councils are held to a higher standard, and the people of Eltham are not happy.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle, one disgruntled resident said, “It’s a disgrace if you ask me. I mean, it’s almost been two months since Christmas and those ribbons are still up. Someone has to take responsibility for this. Is it because the roundabout is on the border of two different councils? Surely they’re not squabbling over whose responsibility it is to take the decorations down.”