Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison is reportedly struggling to understand the current media situation because he’s not the actual father of a newspaper. While the nation gets its collective head around the repercussions of Facebook banning the sharing of local news on its social media platform, sources close to Morrison say he’s finding it hard to understand the complicated scenario.

Already missing from the airwaves since earlier this week when he proudly announced that there should be an investigation into a sexual assault within his political party because the issue troubled him as the father of daughters, Morrison continues to keep a low profile as Australian media outlets scramble to adjust to the drastic changes. An anonymous source said, “Yeah mate, he just can’t truly comprehend the current situation unless it can be very specifically compared to his own personal experience. It’s been a problem for a while, but this week has really highlighted it.”

The high-profile non-hose holder is apparently relying on advisers from within his government as the dick swinging competition between the social media conglomerate and traditional media moguls escalates.

More to come.